Admission support
Admission support

Admission support

  • Regular admission support every 3 months

    Regular admission support every 3 months

    Every three months, we set goals for school admission and support all students in meeting their goals, so that there is no delay in entering their school.Students who do not yet have clear goals can find their goals through studying in Japan.
  • Individual consultation

    Individual consultation

    Individual consultation is always possible, and if you fill in the consultation sheet with your hopes and concerns, you will always receive the optimal guidance for school admission.
  • On-campus school admissions briefings

    On-campus school admissions briefings

    A number of schools regularly come to our campus to hold large-scale admissions briefing sessions.
  • On-campus individual school briefings

    On-campus individual school briefings

    During the period that college-entrance preparation is most important, every week one vocational school or university holds a briefing and gives detailed explanations of the school.
  • Off-campus admissions briefing sessions

    Off-campus admissions briefing sessions

    Students can go by bus to participate in a briefing session held a large off-campus venue. You can listen to explanations from dozens of vocational schools and universities.
  • Interview practice

    Interview practice

    Interview practice will be held individually around the time of entrance exams. We will support you in maximizing the appeal of your various goals and motivations in interviews.
  • Abundance of materials for school admissions

    Abundance of materials for school admissions

    Our lobby has a wealth of materials on vocational schools and universities available for access at any time. You will have the resources you need to do the much of the preparations on your own for school admission.

Admissions track record

University admissions track record
Kyoto University, Tokyo University of Science, Chiba University, University of Electro-Communications, Yokohama National University, Toyama University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Yokohama City University, etc.
Waseda University, Keio University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Daito Bunka University, Tokai University, Kokushikan University, Asia University, Teikyo University, Takushoku University, Ryutsu Keizai University, Digital Hollywood University, etc.
Graduate school admissions track record
University of Tokyo Graduate School, Tsukuba University Graduate School, Kobe University Graduate School, Hokkaido University Graduate School, etc.
Waseda University Graduate School, Keio University Graduate School, Industrial Technology Graduate University, Musashino University Graduate School, Bunka Fashion Graduate University, etc.
Vocational school admissions track record

Japan Electronics College, Nippon Kogakuin College, Japan Hotel School, Chuo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, HAL Tokyo, Tokyo Designer Gakuin, Japan School of Business, O-hara Gakuen, Yomiuri College of Car Mechanic, etc.

Interviews with entrance-successful students

  • Graduate of JIN Tokyo Japanese Language School, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Meiji University

    Gong Xiunan

  • Graduate of JIN Tokyo Japanese Language School, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Waseda University

    Yi Shaohe