School introduction
School introduction

Greetings from the Director

In today’s evolving world, what we need are talented people with flexible thinking capacity and knowledge. Only those who make the most of such strengths will have the opportunity to make it on the world stage.

Language plays an important role in gaining that thinking capacity and knowledge.

When we talk with people who use other languages through studying abroad, we get to know not only the content of the conversation but also about their culture and customs, enabling us to objectively view our own culture. Through doing that we can develop our thinking skills.
We can also gain a wealth of knowledge that spans across borders.

While living in Japan, you can make friends from Japan and from around the world, communicating with each other across language barriers.

We want you to experience Japanese culture and traditions and feel the joy of learning Japanese.
At JIN Tokyo Japanese Language School, we are committed to making our utmost effort to help you fulfill your dreams and live safely in Japan. That is our greatest pleasure at the school. We at JIN Tokyo Japanese Language School are committed to supporting you in fulfilling your dreams.

Education policy

Educational policy
  • 1Provide a venue to learn not only Japanese but also Japan
  • 2Education that makes learning fun
  • 3Support students to realize their dreams

Basic information

Basic information
NameJIN Tokyo Japanese Language School
Establishedin 1975 (formerly ATI Tokyo Japanese Language School)
LocationCT Building 1F 1-27-12 Tabata Shinmachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0012
Capacity630 people
Authorizedby announcement by the Ministry of Justice
Email addressjin_info★jintokyo●com 
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